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PB goes to the Café

Come down to Joe & Dough and enjoy their Christmas drink 2015;
Iced Butterscotch Latte along with our Candy Red Striped Paper Straw.
Various outlets, check their website at www.joeanddough.com


Enjoy a slice of cake and cool down with a glass of Thai ice tea.
Find our paper straws at My Sister Bakes, 81 MacPherson Lane, #01-55, Singapore 360081


Instagram-worthy handcrafted quenches!
Find these drinks and our paper straws at Paddy Hills, 38 South Bouna Vista Road, Singapore 118164.

Photo posted with permission // @zippyzipeng

Go grab a cup of ice cold Berry Ripple and slurp this drink up with our Candy Red Paper Straws!
Find this drink and our paper straws at Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar, 21 Biopolis Road, Nucleos, #01-21, Singapore 138567.

If you are looking to change your plastic straws to our environmental friendly, colorful paper straws to be served at your café, drop us an email at shopamandasteo@hotmail.com.