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Black Sand Glaze Cup

Black Sand Glaze Cup

This cup is only available via pre-order, please click here for more details

Brew your morning cup of coffee with this textured black cup. Suitable for stacking on top of each other for easy storage.

Cup Diameter: 8.6cm
Height: 10.6cm
Able to hold 420ml of liquid

Outer Material: Textured Glazed Ceramic
Inner Material: Smooth Glazed
Cup Rim: White Unglazed Surface

Cup Weight: 330g
Cup With Box Weight: 700g

This cup set includes:
1. Wooden lid cover
2. Wooden stirring stick (length of stick is 15.6cm. Do not soak in water for a long period of time)
3. 9cm round coaster (design given randomly)
4. Black gift box

Wooden lid cover has been treated with a layer of coat to prevent mold and may go out of shape under heat. Do not soak, wash or place the wooden lid cover in hot water
Please dry lid immediately after use and store in well-ventilated place
Cup may absorb coffee stains, please wash cup immediately after use

Cup is dishwasher safe
Not for use in the microwave oven

Product and photos from Cybil Home

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