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Favor Bags Starter Pack

Favor Bags Starter Pack


Can't decide the colour to use for your party?
Try our rainbow starter pack!
Choose from pack of:
1. Middy (Chevron) - 6 Pieces
2. Middy (Striped) - 6 Pieces
3. Middy (6 Chevron + 6 Striped) - 12 Pieces
4. Middy + Petite (Special Brown) - 6 Pieces [Middy X3 + Petite X3]
5. Petite (Chevron) - 5 Pieces
6. Petite (Striped) - 5 Pieces
7. Petite (5 Chevron + 5 Striped) - 10 Pieces
8. Full Starter Pack - 30 pieces

These favor bags are flat; no bottom base and side gusset.

Fill our petite bags with small treats of candy & biscuit or as unique envelope for notes and gift tags!
Gift cards and business cards will fit perfectly.
Each bag measures:
In inches
2.8 inches X 4 inches
In centimeters
7.1cm X 10.2cm

Our medium bags are the perfect size for treats and gift wrapping!
You can use them as a unique envelope for cards; invitations and cards that are A2 size will fit quite nicely.
Each bag measures:
In inches
5.1 inches X 7.5 inches
In centimeters
13cm X 19cm

Fill our big bags with big treats of candy & biscuit or as packing and gift wrapping!
Suitable for A2 or A7 cards and invitations.
Each bag measures:
In inches
6.4 inches X 9.15 inches
In centimeters
16.2cm X 23.2cm

Our bags are made of bio-degradable semi-opaque (chevron / striped / frosting) and opaque (special brown) kraft paper, they are food safe and made in the USA by Whisker Graphics.

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