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Mason Drinking Jar with Handle (Bonjour)

Mason Drinking Jar with Handle (Bonjour)

Mason drinking jar; incredibly versatile and fun for everyone!

Cup size: 13cm X 7cm
Able to hold 500ml of liquid

Material: Glass + Tinplate lid

Each cup comes with two lids; one without opening and one with small opening to insert a straw.

1. Do not pour hot water (60℃ & above) directly into the cup
2. Do not freeze the cup
3. Best suited for cold beverages only

Self collection is available for these drinking jars, please email to enquire.

Only one piece per color is available for purchase, if you need more, they are available for pre-order.

Individually packed jar in box, paper straw not included.

Wash the jar with soap and lukewarm water first before use.

Made in China
Photos taken from supplier

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