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Nordic Pineapple Decoration & Coin Holder

[In Stock] Nordic Pineapple Decoration & Coin Holder

$12.00 $20.00
Medium and Large-sized pineapple is in stock
Small-sized pineapples are only available via pre-order, please click here for more details

NOTE: Slight defect on the instock Large-Sized Pineapple, the green paint seen on the body of the pineapple hence a 5% discount for this piece - $19.00. Please see last image for the defect circled in red

This pineapple ornament makes a great gift for any occasion and doubles up as a coin holder for the large and medium-sized pineapple
Crafted from resin and designed for the Nordic home style

Available in 3 sizes

Large - 25cm X 14cm
Medium - 19cm X 11cm
Small - 14cm X 7cm

Material: Resin

Only the large or medium-sized pineapple has a coin slot and a transparent bottom stopper to allow easy access to the coins inside

As product is hand-made, light scratches and / or black spots may appear on the surface

Refer to last three images for actual photos of product

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