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Ready All Drip Pour Over Coffee Set - Carafe Brewer Holder Paper Filter

Ready All Drip Pour Over Coffee Set

Ready All Drip Pour Over Coffee Set Is Only Available Via Pre-Order, Please Click Here For More Details

Good coffee good morning! Brew coffee with this pour over coffee set. The pour over method lets you make the perfect amount of coffee whenever you need it.

Size: 13cm X 9.5cm X 14.2cm (W x D x H)
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Made with quality heat-resistant glass and able to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 120 degree Celsius
Capacity: 750ml
Maximum Extraction Capacity: 400ml

Brewer | Holder
Material: Food Grade Resin
Temperature Resistance: 100C
Serves 1 - 2 cups

Paper Filter
Material: Raw Pulp
Quantity: 30 Pieces
Made in Japan

Set Contains:
Gift Box X1
Carafe X1
Brewer X1
Holder X1
Paper Filter (1 Box) X30

Set does not include the drip kettle, please purchase separately

Designed by Saturn Bird Coffee

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