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[Secret Souffle] Drawstring Pouch

[Secret Souffle] Drawstring Pouch (4 sizes)

Size (SS 1): 21cm X 20cm
Bottom Base: 6.5cm

Size (SS 2): 24cm X 21cm

Size (SS 3; no photo): 23.5cm X 18.5cm

Size (SS 4; no photo): 21cm X 18cm
Bottom Base: 6.5cm

Material: Cotton
Lining: Polyester

With inner lining;
Thick rope
- SS 1, SS 3, SS 4: grey rope
Thin rope
- SS 2: pink rope

These blue lines seen on fabric are tailor's chalk; used to make temporary marks during sewing.
It can be easily washed off with warm water and soap.

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